Pastor D. L. Hartman

       In the last 26 years of ministry it has been my privilege to collect many of the old beloved theological writings, histories and biographies of Methodism. As I used them in my Bible studies and sermon preparations my heart was strangely warmed and blessed to know that Methodism once had such a wealth of spiritual knowledge. But on the other hand I realized the sad state that currently exists in Bible Believing Methodism.

       Today we have no Bible Believing Methodist College. We have no great writers like Pope, Ralston, and Raymond in our generation. But, what is even worse there seems to be no hope for such a school or men in the future. Instead however, we trust in so called nondenominational colleges which are generally Baptistic or out right Calvinist. Therefore, it is little wonder that our blood does not boil when men like Dr. Curtis Hutson, editor of the Sword of the Lord, says that to "deny the eternal security of the blood bought believer ... is to deny the substitutionary death of Christ."(1) Are we as Methodists losing out salt via our lack of conviction?

        It is my hope that this short bibliography will help to fill the gap for the Bible Believing Methodist people. All but two volumes are found, by the grace of our Lord, on my book shelves. I also realize that more could be added to this list, but I believe that if one can get any two sets of theological works listed they would be doing well. I have also made some brief comments on certain books to give some guidance to the reader. Also, I have asked Mr. Jeff Paton to review and add to this list also.

        Though I do not consider myself a critical authority on Methodist theological writings, I would be more then happy to field any questions the reader may have. Therefore it is to the people called Methodists that I humbly dedicate this bibliography.








1. The Writings of Arminius 3 Volumes. By James Arminius. Baker Book House. Grand Rapids 6, Michigan. 1956

2. Theological Institutes 2 Volumes Rev. Richard Watson. Hunt and Eaton New York. 1823

3. Christian Theology Adam Clarke, Salem, H. C. Schmul, Ohio. 1968. Reprint. Clarke was the first Methodist Theologian to teach "Holiness or hell" concerning perfection. This was a departure from Wesley.

4. Elements of Theology Rev. Luther Lee. Wesleyan Methodist Publishing House, Syracuse, New York. 1888 Rev, Lees book on slavery along with his theology has become a collection items by Civil War Historians due to his position on slavery.

5. Christian Theology Rev. Samuel Wakefield. Walden and Stowe, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1869 Intended as an abridgement of Watson's Institutes.(2)

6. Systematic Theology 3 Volumes Rev. Miner Raymond. Cranston and Stowe, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1877

A Compendium of Christian Theology 3 Volumes Rev. William Burt Pope. Wesleyan Methodist Bookroom, 2, Castle St., City Road, E. C., England. 1880

8. Binneys Theological Compend. Amos Binney, and Daniel Steele, Abingdon Press. This book has been reprinted by Abingdon Press about 12 years ago and may still be available.

9. Systematic Theology 2 Volumes Dr. John Miley, Jennings and Graham, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1892. By Dr. John Miley is considered by Robert Chiles as a transition Methodist Theology.

10. The Students Handbook of Christian Theology Rev. Benjamin Field, Methodist Book Concern. New York. 1897. Tackles difficult issues evaded in other works.

11. Christian Faith Olin Alfred Curtis, Eaton and Mains, New York, 1905

12. Manual of Theology London. 1906. By J. Ager Beet. Hodder and Stoughton. Dr. Beet also published a shorter edition by the same company.

13. A Manual Of Christian Theology Rev. John S. Banks, Eaton and Mains, New York, 1910 A brief theology based primarily on the work of William B.Pope.

14. Elements of Divinity Rev. Thomas N. Ralston Abingdon Press. 1942. Schmul also put this book back into print in 1971. Currently it is out of print and it is hard to find just like the rest in this list.

15. Fundamental Christian Theology A.M. Hills, D.D., L.L. D., Schmul Publishing Company. 1980. Reprinted from the two volume set of 1932. Congregationalist converted to Nazarene. Hills is a great compiler of information. Borrows from many sources. Leans heavily on Miley. Strongly Anti-Calvinistic.

16. Christian Theology 3 Volumes By Dr. H. Orton Wiley. Bacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Mo. 1940. Wiley is the last of the basic conservative Wesleyan writers. In this volume however, he makes his positions weak I think, when he appeals to men like Barth and other critics of the Bible while ignoring their false teachings. In spite of this fact he is still considered a conservative.


1. Works of John Fletcher 4 Volumes Rev. John Fletcher, H. C. Schmul, Salem, Ohio. 1974. Reprint Volume two, Checks on Antinomianism, has been considered by most, the most important of his writings, with the most influence on Methodism of that time.

2. Bible Theology Rev. W. B. Godbey. God Revivalist Press, 1911. Mr. Godbeys theology has many good thoughts and Ideas. However, he approaches many concepts from an odd point of view. Nevertheless, he is very Arminian in all of his positions.

3. The Foreknowledge of God By Rev. Joel 5, Hayes. Methodist Episcopal Church Publishing House, Nashville, Tenn. 1890

4. MClintocks Methodology John MClintock. Edited by John T.Short. Hitchcock and Walden, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1873 He give and over view of the development of theology throughout the ages. There is a chart in this volume that is a must have.

5. Be Ye Holy Dr. Leslie D. Wilcox. The Revivalist Press, 1965. Dr. Wilcox deals mainly with "Scripture Relative to Entire Sanctification." In this volume however, he lists an extensive bibliography of books that would be very helpful to ones ministry and collecting Methodist writers.

6. The Theology of John Wesley William Ragsdale Cannon. Abingdon,-Cokesbury Press. 1946. Takes Wesley's theology to be strictly from the reformed and Roman Catholic tradition. Does not consider Eastern Church influence.


1. History of the Methodist Episcopal Church 4 Volumes Nathan Bangs (from 1766-1840) T. Mason and C. Lane, New York. 1840

2. Europe and Methodism William Burt. Jennings and Graham, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1909

3. Illustrated History of Methodism W. H. Daniels. Phillips and Hunt, New York. 1887

4. History of the Methodist Episcopal Church P. Douglass Corrie. Derby and Miller, Auburn. 1856

5. The Encyclopedia of World Methodism 2 Volumes Edited by Nolan B. Harmon, Abingdon Press. As usual it will include a lot of information on the most important individuals within Methodism. It also contain some important records on the growth of the Church. It does not spend much time on what makes Methodists different from any our religious body. Still it is worth having.

6. The History of Methodism 7 Volumes John Fletcher Hurst. Eaton and Mains, New York. 1902 Dr. Hurst and his work covers a period from the beginning of Methodism to 1900. His work is divided into three parts, 3 volumes on British Methodism, 3 volumes on American Methodism, and 1 volume on "World Wide Methodism" which deals with Methodisms mission outreach.

7. A Shot History of the Methodists in the United States of America Jesse Lee. Magill and Clime, 224 Baltimore St., Baltimore. Md. 1810

8. Methodist Bishops Frederick Deland Leete, Jr. Parthenon Press, Nashville, Tenn. 1948 Bishop Leete says "Unique in content, this book is a comprehensive bibliography of the works of Methodist bishops of all times and lands, together with essential personal data, quotations from their unpublished writings and the authors reminiscences of many who have finished their labors on earth." He does not encourage people to use his work as a "biography of Methodist Bishops." It is a very useful tool in studying Methodist History.

9. Hands on the Ark Robert Watson Sledge. Commission on Archives and History, The United Methodist Church, Lake Junaluska, N. C. 1975 Mr. Sledge deals with the struggle of the Methodist Episcopal Church North and South as they try to reunite. It covers a period of time from 1914-1939. Although he writes from a liberal view point, he seems to cover issues well. It is a good book if you want know who was still basically conservative at that time.

10. Chosen To Be Consecrated Roy H. Short Commission on Archives and History for the Council of Bishops. The United Methodist Church. Lake Junaluska, N. C. This book complements Bishop Leetes book, 'Methodist Bishops. It covers the Bishops from 1784-1966 in both the North and South Churches. This book looks at the way different Bishops handled themselves while in that office.

11. Methodist In Arnerica William Warrem Sweet. Methodist Book Concern, New York. 1933


1. Arminius:A Study In The Dutch Reformation Carl Bangs. Abingdon Press. 1971 Dr. Bangs filled a great void in Methodism with this book. He takes a look at the life and times of Arminius. He examines how Arminius arrived at his conclusions. Also the conflict and the desire of Arminius to resolve the problem. It is an in-depth look at this great reformer who has done as much good as Calvin, but has received no positive credit.

2. The Life Or The Rev. John W. De. La Fletcher (or the Rev. John Fletcher of Madeley) By Rev. Joseph Benson. The Methodist Book Concern, New York. 1804?

3. Autobiography of Peter Cartwright Peter Cartwright. Abingdon Press.1956 Peter Cartwright was one of the greatest frontier preachers that Methodism evert had. The next closest would be Alfred Brunson. Cartwright was very colorful, was very Methodist, and very Anti-Baptistic. He makes Methodism come alive as he tells his western frontier adventures. This is a must read for every Methodist/Wesleyan pastor.

4. Dr. Summers - A Life Study O.P. Fitxgerald. Southern Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, TN 1884

5. Life And Times or H. H. Kavanaugh A. H. Bedford. Nashville, TN. 1884

6. Francis Asbury L. C. Rudoip. Abingdon Press, Nashville, Tenn. 1966 There are other biographies that are as good if not better then Mr. Rudoips. But what is so interesting about this work are the different portraits of Asbury in the back of the book.

7. The Life Of John Wesley John Telford. Eaton and Mians, New York. (date is not given, but it is an older work printed around 1880 to 1910)

8. Thomas Coke Apostle Of Methodism John Vickers. Abingdon Press, New York Nashville. 1969 This book was first published by the Epworth Press, England. It is and excellent history about our first Bishop. He loved missions and give himself to the mission work at large. He died aboard a ship traveling to India to start a mission work in that needy country. He was buried at sea in the India Ocean. His world was indeed his Parish.


1. Letters On Baptism Rev. Edmund B. Fairfield. Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society, Boston and Chicago. 1893 Fairfield is probably one of the better books for lay and pastoral use. He is very logical in his development, and he leaves no "stone unturned." He himself was an immersionist. This book is still available from the *STILL WATERS REVIVAL BOOKS* regbarrow@swrb.com

2. Christian Baptism F. C. Hibbard. Carlton and Porter, 200 Mulberru St., New York. 1841

3. Baptism - Its Mode And Subjects W. J. Lowe. 21 James Nisbet & Co. Berners St. W., London. 1899

4. Christian Baptism S. M. Merrill.Cincinnati, and Eaton and Mains, Jenning and Graham, New York.1876

5. Baptism Thomas 0. Summers. Southern Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, TN.1882 Revised Edition Dr. Summers cuts no slack on the "glorious" Baptist history. He shows a very strong defense for the Methodist position in this book. This is a well researched work.

1. Sword of the Lord Editor Dr. Curtis Hutson. Friday, July 1 1983 224 Bridge Ave. Murfreesboro, Tenn. 37130 pp 6 & 14

2. Profoundly modified the position of Wesley...by making free will instead of unlimited atonement (free grace) the governing doctrine. Wesleyan Theological Journal, Vol. 28 Nos. 1. Culture and Concupiscence: The changing definition of sanctity in the Wesleyan/Holiness Movement, 1867-1920. Paul Merrit Bassett, 1993.

Pastor Hartman has been in the ministry for twenty six years. He graduated from the Institute of Christian Service of Bob Jones University. He also holds B.S. and M.S degrees from Columbus State University. He has traveled once to Russia, three times to the Ukraine, twice to England in a humble effort to help the missionaries spread the Gospel of Christ. If you would like to contact Pastor Hartman, please feel free to do so.