The Conditions for Linking to or Publication of Sermons on IMARC

  1. All sermon web sites that IMARC links to will take the responsibility their your own particular views. IMARC reserves the right not to link to any page. Sites that are nondenominational need not to apply. Sites that are opposed to Methodist or Wesleyan positions need not apply. Not that they may be wrong in the fundamentals of faith, but after all, this is a Methodist Wesleyan site.
  2. All sermons must be based on scripture.
  3. Sermons many take what ever style the speaker is lead uses.
  4. Sermons that endorse "believers baptism" to the negative exclusions of other modes will not be considered. Sermons dealing with opposition to immersion will be published as long as name calling is exclude.
  5. While IMARC holds to the King James Version (KJV) as our standard, sermons my be submitted using other versions. However, if sermons viciously knocks, belittles, or attacks the KJV within its body, it will be excluded.
  6. Sermons against Calvinism will certainly be allowed. Sermons opposed to Calvinism will be published as long as name calling is exclude.
  7. All sermons submitted to IMARC for publication should not contain any music because of copy right issues. Please submit the sermon only.
  8. Sermons dealing directly with political issues will be excluded.
  9. Sermons dealing with prophecy are accepted. However, if a defense of Premillennial Dispensationalism is the major objective for the sermons, it will not be accepted. IMARC views such concepts less fundamental in its importance then Calvinism or Arminianism and baptism. This rejection of this prophetical theory should not be view as rejection of the literal, bodily, and second return of Christ.
  10. Sermons using foul language and indorsing immoral behavior as view by IMARC will not be accepted.
What is IMARC particularly interested in. Sermons by Methodist and Wesleyan type pastors who speak to the orthodox dortrines of the faith as well as the Wesleyan perspective of faith. The following is only a suggestion, but many more concepts can be include.
  • Salvation sermons
  • Sermons on the doctrines of Christ
  • Sermons on the proof of the scriptures
  • Sermons on the Godhead
  • Sermons proving Creation
  • Sermons proving particular views of Arminianism
  • Sermons on heaven and hell
  • And many more